Course Structure- M.Ed Sciences

M. Ed Sciences


The programme intends to equip postgraduate students with knowledge of the foundations, processes, designs and strategies required for planning, developing and evaluating school science curricula and the current methods used to accomplish curricula change. The programme also intends to develop intelligent participation by students in search for solutions to problems affecting science education programs and acquainting them with creative teaching strategies at the elementary, secondary and higher education levels.

Admission Requirements:

Applicants should possess a first degree of Ahmadu Bello University, or any other recognized university in the following:
* B.Sc. Ed. Biology
* B.Sc Ed. Chemistry
* B.Sc. Ed Physics
* B.Sc Ed. Geography
* B.Ed. Ed. Integrated Science
* B.Sc Ed. Mathematics, Or

B.Sc (Hons) degree in Biology, Chemistry, Physics, geography, mathematics with Post Graduate Diploma in Education

* Possess a minimum of a 2.4 on non-classified degree Cummulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) on the 5.0 Scale, or classified degree on a minimum of second class lower.

* In limited cases, applicant with a 3rd class degree in science education with at least 5 years of post graduate experience may be considered.

Requirements for the Award of M.Ed (Science Education) Degree


After first registration with the Postgraduate School, a full –time student shall pursue the studies and Thesis Research for not less than (6) semesters two (2) academic sessions and not more than nine (9) semesters (3) academic session for award of the degree. After successful completion of the course work, a student shall be permitted to continue with a thesis under approved title and supervisors.