Course Structure- PhD in Science Education

Ph.D in Science Education


The Department of Education offers a Ph.D degree programme in Science Education designed to train Science Education specialists of the highest caliber. The programme exposes students to recent developments and literature world-wide on various aspects of Science Education, notably Curriculum development, Instructional Strategies, Philosophical, psychological and sociological issues in Science Education. Students also undertake advanced research in Science Education. Products of the programme can man highest, responsible positions of the Ministry of Education, Tertiary Institutions and research organizations or academic institutions.

Admission Requirements:

* Applicant Should Possess a Master’s degree in Science education or Curriculum and Instruction (Science Education) or equivalent from a recognized university.

* Applicant Should Possess a master’s degree in a relevant Science subject area plus the minimum equivalent of a postgraduate certificate in Education. Candidates in this category would however, be required to take appropriate master’s courses to beef up their background in this area.

Requirements for the Award of PhD in Science Education


After first registration with the post graduate school, a full –time student for the degree of Ph.D in Science Education shall pursue his/her studies and dissertation for not less than (6) semesters i.e (2) academic session and not more than fifteen (15) semesters i.e (5) academic sessions for the award of the degree.

For students registered as part–time he/she shall pursue the studies and Dissertation for not less than nine (9) semesters (3 academic sessions) and not more than (18) semesters i.e (6 academic sessions) for the award of the degree.